How Beauty Finder Helps Mobile Beauty Professionals

 The beauty of an online platform that connects clients and freelancers, is that it takes out a lot of the work that we associate with being a mobile profession. Beauty Finder can help mobile beauty professionals in a number of key ways.

 As more and more people decide to drastically change their life by becoming a beauty freelancer, it’s starting to be more important than ever that the right support networks are in place- and when it comes to helping mobile beauty professionals, there’s no exception.

Beauty Finder was established on two principles. The first, to provide easy access to top-quality beauty services for busy people in need; the second, to help mobile beauty professionals work efficiently and successfully.

Beauty Finder can help mobile beauty professionals in a number of ways; connecting with clients, providing a marketing platform, and simplifying payment processes.

Here are the main ways that Beauty Finder can help mobile beauty professionals who register on the site:


Setting up a profile on Beauty Finder helps mobile beauty professionals get exposure for their talents, and eliminates the need to set up their own website. The freelancers that register with Beauty Finder will immediately have access to the rapidly growing client base, who you can be certain are looking for the skills these freelancers can offer.

Beauty Finder takes care of all of the marketing too, which means all freelancers need to do is set up their profile (for free!) and wait for clients to get in touch. This is a huge help for mobile beauty professionals who are new to the freelance life and may be worried about how they’ll find work.

Straightforward Booking Process

Freelancers won’t even need to have direct contact with the client during the booking process. Once the profile is set up, it’s enough for the client to see what skills are on offer, and then make the decision to book an appointment.

The entire process is handled through the Beauty Finder platform. Upon receiving a booking, freelancers will be emailed with details of the reservation (which can also be accessed in the Beauty Finder dashboard under ‘Booking History’.

The simple booking process has proven to be a massive help for mobile beauty professionals when it comes to connecting with clients and handling reservations.

Simple and Safe Payments

Beauty Finder helps mobile beauty professionals by ensuring all payments are secure and trustworthy, thanks to the use of ‘Stripe’ payment platform.

As soon as the beauty freelancer completes the job, their payment will be transferred into their Stripe account (which can take a couple of days at most). Once in the Stripe account, the money can then be quickly and easily transferred straight into the freelancer’s bank account.

When it comes to us helping mobile beauty professionals, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Register with us today to find out exactly what else Beauty Finder can do for you.

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3 Reasons Becoming a Beauty Freelancer will Change Your Life

35% of today’s workforce are already pursuing freelance careers, and because of platforms like Beauty Finder there are more opportunities for beauty freelancers than ever.

If I told you that there was a way you could have more control over your life, your work, and your money- wouldn’t you want to know what it is? Life as a beauty freelancer is just that, and the most important part is that anybody can make these changes in life (yes, I hear you ask- even you).

It wasn’t so long ago that we considered the freelance community a minority, but the days of clocking hours at a desk job and putting on your ‘productive’ face for the rest of the office are pretty quickly becoming a thing of the past.

It’s a scary idea at first, abandoning security and a stable paycheck to pursue something that might work out. But here’s the thing: with the right planning, ambition, and motivation, growing a business as a beauty freelancer is not as risky as you might first think (that’s a story for another post).

For now, let’s look at why almost 35% of today’s workforce have already shifted to the freelance life- and more importantly, what you could gain from making the shift, too.

  1. You’ll spend your time more meaningfully

It’s not uncommon for people working ‘office’ jobs find themselves spending useless hours in meetings, being ‘faux-productive’, hashing out information that could have been relayed in a short email. The nature of any office job is about clocking in at one time and out at another, which can often cause motivation and productivity levels to drop.

Taking the plunge into life as a beauty freelancer will make you notice, really notice where your time is being spent. When you are in control of planning your own schedule and working hours, every minute seems to somehow increase in value. It’s a motivator to work more efficiently, instead of working longer. As a freelancer, your time is really your time.

  1. You will have more control of your day-to-day life

The knock-on benefit of freelance work is that you’re in full control of your daily schedule. Freelance work is generally results-based, as opposed to clocking hours at a certain time- which means you can choose when you work, and when you’re off.

It’s the basics that have the biggest impact here: suddenly having the time in the morning to go to the market and pick up fresh fruit and veggies for the day, being in the right headspace to then stick to the exercise plan you’ve been eyeing up; maybe for some it means spending more time with your kids.

  1. You’ll value your work (and your earnings) more

As a freelancer, you’ll have to hunt down your work. Therefore, each task you have will represent a direct reward- financially, yes, but also a sense of pride and achievement. Instead of being doled out work from the top office down, you’ll be totally in charge of your work ethic and the money that will follow, which is a massive motivator in itself.

How Beauty Finder can Help Beauty Freelancers

Maybe one of the most daunting things about the freelance life is feeling like you’ll be on your own without a safety net. Thankfully this doesn’t need to be an insecurity for beauty freelancers, because Beauty Finder has been developed in answer to just these issues.

Here’s what you need to know about how Beauty Finder can support beauty freelancers:

  • Exposure: By simply setting up a profile on our platform, you’ll automatically have access to our rapidly growing client base. The ‘hunt’ for jobs becomes miles easier.
  • Simple booking process: Clients who have already identified a need for the service that you provide will be able to find, contact, and hire you with ease.
  • No cash handling: Your payments will be handled through the ‘Stripe’ payments handling merchant, which is extremely secure. Payments will be released into your Stripe account and can then be transferred directly to your bank account.
  • No need to create your own website: In today’s online world, exposure is what it’s all about. For a lot of freelancers, this means laboriously setting up their own website and carrying out their own digital marketing strategy to ensure they get seen. Luckily, any beauty freelancer registered on Beauty Finder will automatically avail of the exposure and promotions that we carry out- no need to make your own site.

Ready to prove yourself in the world of freelancing? Set up a profile with us today and take the first step into your new life.

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The Beauty Finder Guide for the Perfect Faux Tan

Feeling confident can make you feel so much better about yourself. And feeling better about yourself helps you get through life when times are tough.

Looking after yourself gives you the same feeling, which is why we love to pamper ourselves. Pampering yourself is an indulgence that pays for itself by giving you a boost in energy and increasing your confidence.

There are several options when it comes to boosting your confidence, but one particularly effective and advantageous approach is to have a faux tan applied. Having a faux tan applied will not only make you feel better it will make you look better. The visible intensity in your appearance is instantly captured in your smile the first time you look in the mirror after application. By booking your faux tan from a comprehensive list of Beauty Finder professionals you will be satisfied that the appearance will be flawless and more importantly will save you time and energy.

Preparation for Your Tanning Application

Preparation is key to any faux tan application. If you don’t prepare your skin correctly your faux tan will look patchy and may flake off. Tips for preparing your skin;

  • Exfoliate your skin at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Shave or wax the area at least 24 hours before you application.
  • Moisturise after shaving or waxing to keep your skin nourished and avoid your skin becoming dry and flaky. This will create a good base for your tan.
  • Before your tanning appointment in your home, have a shower and wash off any moisturisers or perfumes.
  • Remember to tie up your hair to keep the area clear.
  • Wear loose clothing as tight clothing can rub off some of the tan.
  • Applying Vaseline to your eyebrows and knees, this will stop any tan clinging to dry patches.

Booking Your Faux Tan with Beauty Finder

There’s no need to even leave your house, you can enjoy the luxury of having the service in the comfort of your own home. Beauty Finder have a list of professionals in your area offering the service you want. Searching for your beauty professional is simple with Beauty Finder. Look through the profiles of all the significant beauty professionals, there you will see how much they charge and their availability, they will also have reviews on their profile from delighted customers. After finding the beauty professional you would like, you can book them directly from the Beauty Finder platform.

With payment set-up, you can pay for your tanning session while booking, then sit back and wait for your selected date and time to receive your faux tan. Once you receive your faux tan and you are happy with the service provided by Beauty Finder and the beauty professional you used, you can leave feedback on our site.

Leaving feedback on the beauty professionals profile helps other customers find the great service you also found.

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How To Grow Your Freelance Beauty Business

Beauty Finder is a platform dedicated to helping mobile beauty freelancers gain more marketing exposure.

The platform allows beauty professionals to create their own profiles, showcasing previous work, times & dates available, services and respective prices offered, profile picture, about me, how far you would travel and much, much more. We make it simple for the client to find, book and review your services.

What Does My Profile Look Like?

Beauty Finder provides freelancers with their very own dashboard. Everything is customisable! The more detailed your profile is the more inclined clients will be to instantly book your services.

Tips To Get The Most Out of Beauty Finder

Make sure every stage of your dashboard is completed. We recommend you register your profile on your desktop computer instead of your smart phone. This is essential in order to sell yourself to clients.

One of the most important stages of the registration process is connecting to Stripe, this our merchant payment system. Once a clients books one of your services, stripe will keep the funds in a trust account until your client has marked the service as complete. You will then be transferred your job funds to Stripe, allow up to 3 business days for it to reach your bank account.

Another tip that most freelancers might get confused with is when you are signing up to stripe they ask for login credentials. Stripe is a third party gateway so they need different password other than your Beauty Finder password. They also require a website, if you don’t have one just put 

In order for a client to find you, you must provide us with your post code as well as ‘how far you would travel’ located on your dashboard under ‘Edit Profile’. Without this information a client will be unable to find you based on the post code they provide.

The last essential step is adding your services and prices, located under ‘My services’ in order for clients to choose and book one or more of your services.

How Beauty Finder Can Help Grow Your Freelance Business

If you just qualified as a beauty therapist, hairdresser or makeup artist and need help getting more exposure to your mobile beauty services or just looking to grow your freelancer business then Beauty Finder is the perfect solution to help you do so.

It is a great time saver as there is no need to work out a suitable time, price and location with your client as everything is all on your profile. It is also another platform to market yourself (you can never have enough marketing).

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Introducing the Beauty Finder Platform

Welcome to the new and exciting platform BEAUTY FINDER.

Looking gorgeous and feeling pampered has never been easier with the launch of Beauty Finder. An online platform in Australia designed to bring you beauty on demand, when you need it most. No more waiting for booked up appointments, it’s beauty at your fingertips.

It is the perfect solution for time poor people like busy mothers, brides-to-be, girls going to events and formals or if you just feel like being pampered on your own terms.

What Does Beauty Finder Solve?

Beauty Finder helps you find instant beauty professionals that can service your location, based on the information you provide. Everything is conveniently all on the one platform, no need to ask for prices, dates or pictures of previous work, or even wait months in advance to schedule an appointment. You can view our talented professionals profiles, select a service, book and rate them instantly.

We make it super user friendly and offer our clients a variety of different services to choose from. The services we offer are, makeup, nails, spray tanning, teeth whitening, hair, eyelash & eyebrows, massages and much, much more. If you’re interested in booking a service all you have to do is put in the service you’re after, postcode and date.

If our search results don’t find a professional that meet your times you can make a request and the Beauty Finder team will make sure to find you a great beauty professional.

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