How Beauty Finder Helps Mobile Beauty Professionals

 The beauty of an online platform that connects clients and freelancers, is that it takes out a lot of the work that we associate with being a mobile profession. Beauty Finder can help mobile beauty professionals in a number of key ways.

 As more and more people decide to drastically change their life by becoming a beauty freelancer, it’s starting to be more important than ever that the right support networks are in place- and when it comes to helping mobile beauty professionals, there’s no exception.

Beauty Finder was established on two principles. The first, to provide easy access to top-quality beauty services for busy people in need; the second, to help mobile beauty professionals work efficiently and successfully.

Beauty Finder can help mobile beauty professionals in a number of ways; connecting with clients, providing a marketing platform, and simplifying payment processes.

Here are the main ways that Beauty Finder can help mobile beauty professionals who register on the site:


Setting up a profile on Beauty Finder helps mobile beauty professionals get exposure for their talents, and eliminates the need to set up their own website. The freelancers that register with Beauty Finder will immediately have access to the rapidly growing client base, who you can be certain are looking for the skills these freelancers can offer.

Beauty Finder takes care of all of the marketing too, which means all freelancers need to do is set up their profile (for free!) and wait for clients to get in touch. This is a huge help for mobile beauty professionals who are new to the freelance life and may be worried about how they’ll find work.

Straightforward Booking Process

Freelancers won’t even need to have direct contact with the client during the booking process. Once the profile is set up, it’s enough for the client to see what skills are on offer, and then make the decision to book an appointment.

The entire process is handled through the Beauty Finder platform. Upon receiving a booking, freelancers will be emailed with details of the reservation (which can also be accessed in the Beauty Finder dashboard under ‘Booking History’.

The simple booking process has proven to be a massive help for mobile beauty professionals when it comes to connecting with clients and handling reservations.

Simple and Safe Payments

Beauty Finder helps mobile beauty professionals by ensuring all payments are secure and trustworthy, thanks to the use of ‘Stripe’ payment platform.

As soon as the beauty freelancer completes the job, their payment will be transferred into their Stripe account (which can take a couple of days at most). Once in the Stripe account, the money can then be quickly and easily transferred straight into the freelancer’s bank account.

When it comes to us helping mobile beauty professionals, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Register with us today to find out exactly what else Beauty Finder can do for you.

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