How To Grow Your Freelance Beauty Business

Beauty Finder is a platform dedicated to helping mobile beauty freelancers gain more marketing exposure.

The platform allows beauty professionals to create their own profiles, showcasing previous work, times & dates available, services and respective prices offered, profile picture, about me, how far you would travel and much, much more. We make it simple for the client to find, book and review your services.

What Does My Profile Look Like?

Beauty Finder provides freelancers with their very own dashboard. Everything is customisable! The more detailed your profile is the more inclined clients will be to instantly book your services.

Tips To Get The Most Out of Beauty Finder

Make sure every stage of your dashboard is completed. We recommend you register your profile on your desktop computer instead of your smart phone. This is essential in order to sell yourself to clients.

One of the most important stages of the registration process is connecting to Stripe, this our merchant payment system. Once a clients books one of your services, stripe will keep the funds in a trust account until your client has marked the service as complete. You will then be transferred your job funds to Stripe, allow up to 3 business days for it to reach your bank account.

Another tip that most freelancers might get confused with is when you are signing up to stripe they ask for login credentials. Stripe is a third party gateway so they need different password other than your Beauty Finder password. They also require a website, if you don’t have one just put 

In order for a client to find you, you must provide us with your post code as well as ‘how far you would travel’ located on your dashboard under ‘Edit Profile’. Without this information a client will be unable to find you based on the post code they provide.

The last essential step is adding your services and prices, located under ‘My services’ in order for clients to choose and book one or more of your services.

How Beauty Finder Can Help Grow Your Freelance Business

If you just qualified as a beauty therapist, hairdresser or makeup artist and need help getting more exposure to your mobile beauty services or just looking to grow your freelancer business then Beauty Finder is the perfect solution to help you do so.

It is a great time saver as there is no need to work out a suitable time, price and location with your client as everything is all on your profile. It is also another platform to market yourself (you can never have enough marketing).

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Introducing the Beauty Finder Platform

Welcome to the new and exciting platform BEAUTY FINDER.

Looking gorgeous and feeling pampered has never been easier with the launch of Beauty Finder. An online platform in Australia designed to bring you beauty on demand, when you need it most. No more waiting for booked up appointments, it’s beauty at your fingertips.

It is the perfect solution for time poor people like busy mothers, brides-to-be, girls going to events and formals or if you just feel like being pampered on your own terms.

What Does Beauty Finder Solve?

Beauty Finder helps you find instant beauty professionals that can service your location, based on the information you provide. Everything is conveniently all on the one platform, no need to ask for prices, dates or pictures of previous work, or even wait months in advance to schedule an appointment. You can view our talented professionals profiles, select a service, book and rate them instantly.

We make it super user friendly and offer our clients a variety of different services to choose from. The services we offer are, makeup, nails, spray tanning, teeth whitening, hair, eyelash & eyebrows, massages and much, much more. If you’re interested in booking a service all you have to do is put in the service you’re after, postcode and date.

If our search results don’t find a professional that meet your times you can make a request and the Beauty Finder team will make sure to find you a great beauty professional.

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