The Beauty Finder Guide for the Perfect Faux Tan

Feeling confident can make you feel so much better about yourself. And feeling better about yourself helps you get through life when times are tough.

Looking after yourself gives you the same feeling, which is why we love to pamper ourselves. Pampering yourself is an indulgence that pays for itself by giving you a boost in energy and increasing your confidence.

There are several options when it comes to boosting your confidence, but one particularly effective and advantageous approach is to have a faux tan applied. Having a faux tan applied will not only make you feel better it will make you look better. The visible intensity in your appearance is instantly captured in your smile the first time you look in the mirror after application. By booking your faux tan from a comprehensive list of Beauty Finder professionals you will be satisfied that the appearance will be flawless and more importantly will save you time and energy.

Preparation for Your Tanning Application

Preparation is key to any faux tan application. If you don’t prepare your skin correctly your faux tan will look patchy and may flake off. Tips for preparing your skin;

  • Exfoliate your skin at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Shave or wax the area at least 24 hours before you application.
  • Moisturise after shaving or waxing to keep your skin nourished and avoid your skin becoming dry and flaky. This will create a good base for your tan.
  • Before your tanning appointment in your home, have a shower and wash off any moisturisers or perfumes.
  • Remember to tie up your hair to keep the area clear.
  • Wear loose clothing as tight clothing can rub off some of the tan.
  • Applying Vaseline to your eyebrows and knees, this will stop any tan clinging to dry patches.

Booking Your Faux Tan with Beauty Finder

There’s no need to even leave your house, you can enjoy the luxury of having the service in the comfort of your own home. Beauty Finder have a list of professionals in your area offering the service you want. Searching for your beauty professional is simple with Beauty Finder. Look through the profiles of all the significant beauty professionals, there you will see how much they charge and their availability, they will also have reviews on their profile from delighted customers. After finding the beauty professional you would like, you can book them directly from the Beauty Finder platform.

With payment set-up, you can pay for your tanning session while booking, then sit back and wait for your selected date and time to receive your faux tan. Once you receive your faux tan and you are happy with the service provided by Beauty Finder and the beauty professional you used, you can leave feedback on our site.

Leaving feedback on the beauty professionals profile helps other customers find the great service you also found.

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