Beauty Finder is a great marketing platform to showcase all your beauty services to potential clients. You can create a free profile marketing your portfolio, prices & services, profile picture, about me, how far you travel, client reviews and much, much more. 

The best thing about Beauty Finder is that you don't have to directly talk to clients and sell yourself. Your profile is enough for a client to instantly book one of your services.

Firstly sign up to Beauty Finder as a 'Beauty professional' an activation email will be sent to you. All steps are on your dashboard, please follow each step to make sure your profile is attractive for clients viewing it. Remember to sell yourself in the best possible way. If a client likes what they see they can instantly book one of your services. 

One of the most important steps is registering a Stripe account. This is located under 'Payments' this where your funds will be transfered to. For more information visit some of our Stripe FAQs.

If you are unsure, we recommend you reading all the (i) information buttons located at each step on your dashboard. Please go through each section to ensure you get the most out of Beauty Finder. If you are really stuck, don't hestiate to contact our support team at
It is free to register an acccount and create a profile. Once you recieve appoitments, Beauty Finder takes a 12.5% fee from every booking, this covers all the marketing costs we put into getting your services out to the public.
You can add under 'My Services' all the beauty treatments you offer. We offer a large range of services, such as, makeup, nails, skin treatments, massage & relaxation, teeth whitening, eyelash & eyebrow and hair services.
Yes, you will be emailed as soon as a client books one or more of your services. You can also reguarly check your Beauty Finder dashboard under 'Booking History' to view, confirm and cancel any client appoitments. 

We recommend you staying on top your client bookings to avoid upset customers and refunds.
If you can no longer make your appoitment, you can cancel your booking in your 'Booking history' located on your dashboard. 
We will then refund the client. 

Please note: Out of respect for the client, canceling bookings within 24 hours prior to appoitment is appreciated.
Once you have activated your Beauty Finder account. You will need to go to 'Payments' located on your dashboard and 'Connect to Stripe'. Stripe is a secure payment processing merchant that handles some of your favourite brands payments such as, Adidas and Target. 

Once a client books one of your services, the payment will go into Beauty Finder's trust account until the client 'Marks job as complete'. Your funds will be then released into your Stripe account in which you can then transfer into your bank account. 
 Stripe is our third party merchant that handles all the payment processing. Once you connect to Stripe and a client books one of your services, the funds will go to your Stripe account (don't forget your Stripe credentials). Please allow a few days for the funds to hit your Stripe account. From there you can transfer your funds straight to your respective bank account, or allow the funds to accumilate (For more information about transfering Stripe funds to your bank account, check out our FAQS page or blog post).

Please note: The funds will only be sent over once the client marks the job as complete. If they forget to mark it as a complete your funds with automatically be sent to you winthin 24 hours of the service time. 
 Yes, this is Beauty Finders merchant facility where all payments are processed. Please connect to Stripe at the beggining when you complete each section of your dashboard. This is where your funds will go when a client books one of your services. The Stripe connect button is located on your dashboard under 'Payments'. 

The funds will automatically be sent to your Stripe account initially and then transfered to your bank account a few days of the payment been processed.
Yes, Beauty Finder is all about beauty that comes to you. We want clients to feel pampered at their choice of location.
The 'View Profile' button is located right under your heading name on your dashboard, next to edit profile and logout.
We don't recommend you doing this. Beauty Finder handles all transactions issues, such as refunds if nesscary and cancelations. We also eliminate the process of a freelancer speaking to clients over phone, SMS and email. All prices, pictures, booking times and information is listed by the freelancer on their profile. This saves time aswell as elminating time wasters. 
 Yes definitely. This is all private information and is not displayed anywhere publicly.